30 October 2014

This article a describes solutions to produce/generate a table of contents (or a mini summary) for each chapter with asciidoc, dblatex and minitoc.

Automatic solution

NOTE: Thanks to ben.guillon, at dblatex forum, for sharing this solution.

Solution overview

  • edit asciidoc.sty
  • run a2x as you always do

Editing asciidoc.sty

Add the following code at the end of your asciidoc.sty file:











That’s it! Just run your a2x command and you will have a minitoc at the beginning of each chapter.

Downside: With this solution you can’t have any text (like chapter objectives) before it.


Look the result with the automatic solution:

Automatic solution result

Manual solution

This is the manual solution. With this you can place text before minitoc.

Downside: It’s a manual solution, you have to do it every time.

Solution overview

  • run dblatex with debug option -d (keeping the tex file at temp dir)
  • load tex env
  • manually edit the tex file
  • run pdflatex over the edited tex file

run dblatex with debug

Read Debugging your Style.

Option 1: add the following option to your a2x command

    --dblatex-opts "-d"

Option 2: add to your asciidoc file:

    //    a2x: --dblatex-opts "-d"

After build it will print a message saying that the temporary directory wasn’t removed:

    /tmp/tpub-ben-99629 is not removed

load tex env

Go to the temporary directory and load the tex env with:

    . env_tex

manually edit the tex

Read texblog.org/tag/minitoc, tip 10.

Go to the temp directory and edit the tex file.

  • include \usepackage[brazilian]{minitoc} at the usepackge section
  • include \dominitoc after ` \begin{document}`
  • include \minitoc after \chapter{...}, where you want the minitoc to be generated

running pdflatex

At the temporary directory run pdflatex:

    pdflatex yourfile.tex

That’s it!

NOTE: If you forget to run . env_tex you will get an error like this:

  ! LaTeX Error: File `asciidoc-dblatex.sty' not found.


Look the result with the manual solution:

Manual solution result


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